Thursday, May 19, 2011

For the Love of clothes.... What I Wore: A Moment of Triumph!

So I had to share this...... I will admit this is not a super cute outfit or anything..... actually this is very casual.  Today is a crazy day, the Haylei bird got out early from school and has her open house tonight.  I had to bake 2 dozen cupcakes for the bake sale all at the last minute as well.  I have tons to do around my house.... but I had a moment of pure triumph today.  I decided to see if I could fit into my skinny jeans that I have not been able to wear since high school......  Yes I have hung on to these things for the simple point of seeing if I could ever be that size again after having three kiddos.  And shizammmm!!!!  I do!  This is so monumental for me!  I am basking in my own glow!!!! 

I am Woman... hear me roar!!!!
In case you cant see it..... I am pointing it out for you! Yay me!

What I am wearing:  Hydraulic skinny jeans, white laced trim tee by step up (gifted by Mrs. Krysta) and mossimo flip flops 

Hope you all have an awesome day..... Mine just got better! 

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