Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Faux Bob... Vintage Hair Tutorial Part 3

So now I thought I would show you all how to do one of my favorite vintage hair styles when my hair was still long. I loved the look of 1940's bobs so much, I decided to wear the style for my recent vow renewal with my Husband. I didn't want to cut my hair so I had to come up with a way to achieve the look with out whipping out the scissors. Using your trusty old pin curl set, first give your hair a part either on the side or down the middle.
Starting from the back take your curls in 2 inch sections at a time, and twist up and under until you have folded the hair under to the desired length then pin with bobby pins in an X shape. Countinue to do this going from the middle back part of the hair to the right, then left, alternating back and forth making sure you match the length evenly. This is important to achieve a truly short look.
Once hair is entirely pinned under, spray with hairspray.

If you desire more of a wave, like I did, you will lightly brush out your pin curls first, and then repeat the above steps. Below is a few pictures of my hair with a wave faux bob.

It is important to work with the wave to achieve this look. If your hair is extremely long like mine was, you need to make the rolls a lot larger as pictured above.

Here I added the veil, you could do this as well, or a pill box hat, or a hair accessory like a flower or barrette.

Notice the wide curl right under the ear? This is how it will look if your hair is long.

Lastly a picture of the back. See how the length is even? That is why it is very important to start in the back middle and work your way right, then left.

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