Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Get to know your blogger......

Here is week two of get to know your blogger.....

Q:  What is your favorite article of clothing?
A:  Wow this is a hard one.... do I only get to pick one?  Well funny enough I would have to say a great pair of jeans......  while I do love vintage dresses and novelty tee's a great pair of jeans can take you from running errands, to a nice date, to a BBQ.

Q:  I have a hard time pairing articles of clothing together, I am never sure if things go together and match.  Any suggestions? 
A:  This is a good one.  Well a lot of factors come into play when pairing clothing together.  Too many to really list here.... so I will give you three great little rules that will help.  First, be cautious of shape.  A great little rule of thumb is to pair a loose fitting piece with a form fitting piece.  For example... a billowy top with a pair of skinny jeans.  Another example is a form fitting top such as a tank or a tee and a boyfriend or trouser cut pant.  Second if you are trying to pair colors or patterns remember this tip.  Always start with a neutral piece and then add color or pattern next.  Neutrals in any color go with any pattern or print.  What are neutrals??? Brown, navy, black, white, grays and any other earth tones.  Third.... don't worry about being "matchy"  No your shoes don't have to match your belt and neither does your handbag.  Take the opportunity to add interest to your look with your accessories like a pop of color with a great shoe or a print with your bag.

Q:  I just bought a vintage dress.... how should I care for it? 
A:  Another great question!  The term "vintage" means anything that is 20 years old or more.  So you have to take a little extra care because you want these already aged treasures to keep on lasting.  I try when I can to handwash all my vintage items and hang or lay flat to dry.  If you find a vintage piece from a thrift store or estate sale you will want to have it either dry cleaned or steam cleaned for the first time to remove dust, dirt etc.  After that stick to handwashing whenever possible.  If you need to spot clean... try to clean the area with ivory soap first as some stain removers can stripe the color from the garment. 

Q:  What was your best thrift store find? 
A:  My favorite would have to be a vintage 1960's corduroy coat.  It was mid calf in length with fur trim around the neck and the end of the sleeves.  It was such a beautiful coat..... I regret ever parting with it!  I think I paid $3 for it at the time.  I just saw a similar coat on etsy for $225!

Well that is all for now!!!!  Much more to come next Tuesday!

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