Sunday, February 27, 2011

For the Love of clothes....Karla's Closet

Why does Karla from the awesome blog Karla's Closet continue to inspire me? Well like I mentioned before in a previous post (see here) she has the ability to mix clothing beautifully. While scrolling through some of her early posts I came across these photo's of her wearing a cranberry red satin dress that she picked up from forever 21. This caught my eye because I have the exact same dress. Now I have worn this dress two or three times, each time around the holiday's and in the evening, but here she wears it out in the middle of the day during an "offtime," of the year. I love how she paired it with black tights and black stiletto ankle boots. While the wet leather boots look is not for me.... it did inspire me to give this dress a try for a daytime look. What do you think?

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