Sunday, February 27, 2011

For the Love of clothes.... what I wore

So on Saturday I had a scentcy party to attend. It was my very first outing alone with no mister and no kiddos. Unfortunately I again used my cruddy camera phone and my bathroom mirror to try to snap a quick pic since it was such a rare occasion of me getting dressed up. What you miss in this picture is the awesome flare leg of my jeans, my shoes and my coat that I hadn't put on yet! I even tried out red lipstick which was the first time I have done so since I chopped off my hair. Anyways it was fun to be around a few of the ladies without being pulled on or holding a baby... although I will admit that I felt like I had forgot something the whole time I was there!
Here is what I wore:

Black Button Down Shirt given to me from Mrs. Krista, High Waisted Bell Bottom Sailor Jeans also given to me from Mrs. Krista, Red Suede Platform Pumps (not pictured)Thrifted 4 years ago, Black and White Hounds-tooth Coat (not pictured) Vintage.

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