Friday, March 25, 2011

For the Love of clothes.... What I wore

So it is yucky, rainy and cold here.  Today was wear your pajamas to school day at the Haylei birds school.  She was so excited to wear her favorite pajamas and robe.  The Sumo bird also decided that she wanted to wear her pajamas all day too... so I obliged, even the baby bird is in his pj's since it is so cold here.  The mama bird just cant make herself wear her pj's out in public... I just have too much of a hang up with doing that.  I did decide to dress cozy though since I am planning on staying home most of the day.  Here is what I am wearing:

gray dolman knit sweater gifted to the mama bird by Mrs. Krista, gray leggings from american apparel, black buckle belt from BCBG, black cami by ingrid & oliver and black riding boots by Quipid

Hope you have a cozy friday!

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