Thursday, December 16, 2010

What are they feeding our kids???

When I was a kid, I remember almost always taking my lunch from home. There were only two things that the school cafeteria could serve that would change my mind. The first was when it was pizza day, which only happened once a month usually on a Friday, and the other was turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes only served once a year which was on the day before Thanksgiving break. To me school lunches were nothing to desire.... When my oldest started school I just automatically packed her a lunch from home assuming that whatever I was packing her was much more desirable than what he cafeteria was serving. Well a few weeks into school, she asked me if she could buy lunch from the cafeteria like her friends did. After talking with the daddy bird, we agreed on letting her buy her lunch once a week. This seemed to work out fine.... until about 2 weeks ago. I randomly asked my daughter, as I usually do, "what did you eat for lunch today?" In which she replied, "A hamburger with cheese..." I didn't think too much of it until the next week when I asked her the same question... and again her reply was the same. This has gone on for 2 weeks now. I finally asked her why she didn't choose something else? She then told me that everything else was..."Yucky." I didn't quite understand what she meant, but after her very long explanation I realized that there were only 3 choices being offered to her each week and that the only form of vegetables or fruits being offered to her were either a banana, plain salad(with no dressing), canned green beans or canned corn. This truly bothered me because lunch costs $2.75, and for that price I was expecting better and healthier choices. For the same price I can pack her a lunch with a turkey sandwich, a fresh piece of fruit, yogurt, some kind of crackers or trail mix, a "treat" as she calls them and a drink, usually juice or water. Today I found this article... and it made me sick. A school teacher ate the school lunches for 1 year and photographed it and blogged about it. If you child buys school lunches, even once a week like mine then you must read this! It will open your eyes.....

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