Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wedding on a budget part 1..... Flowers

With a small budget, I came to the realization early on that I was going to have to get pretty creative with the flowers for the wedding. The flowers I wanted, were way out of our budget, and the types of flowers I could afford were not at all what I wanted. One thing I knew for sure is that I wanted a nice full bouquet, I mean I was the bride and felt I deserved to have a nice lush bouquet in my favorite flowers. After months of researching different possibilities, and I mean I really searched I stumbled across a phenomenal idea. There is something out there called real touch flowers. Now these are artificial flowers, but not the silk craft store fake looking kind. These are flowers made out of latex, that look so real, they even feel quite real. I was quite curious about the true quality, I mean they looked phenomenal in the pictures, but how would they look in person? So I ordered a few samples and was so surprised and impressed at the quality. The best part is I could now have all the flowers I needed and wanted, that was way within my budget. I found a couple of discount sights that carried the flowers, and set to work making everything myself. Now there are people who make real touch wedding sets for a living, but if you are willing to take the time, as I did, then you can do them all on your own. I used white and green calla lilies, and green cymbidium orchids for my bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets, and some of the centerpieces in which I will get to later. The boutonnieres were made from green dedrobium orchids. All in all the flowers for the whole wedding cost me less than $400. The best part? No one knew they weren't real until I told them. They stayed looking gorgeous, no worrying about staining my dress and they all came home with me after the wedding. I have my bouquet in my curio cabinet and the rest of the flowers I used in decorating my home. A few great sights to use if you are interested in using real touch flowers are and

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