Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boppy Bounce Chair..... For $17 Bucks???

So I have another confession to make, I am obsessed with consignment shops. Not only because you can pick up unique, rare, not to mention affordable things, but because I am in love with the hunt. One of my favorite consignment stores, which happens to be a children's consignment store, just got in this boppy bounce chair. I had been looking for a nice bounce chair and didn't feel like spending $50 bucks since this is DEFINITELY my last baby. So I picked up this chair, which doesn't even look like it was actually used! Retail price $44.99 ( and still available on amazon,, and babies r us) for $16.99. Oh yes score!!!If you haven't'
scowered your local consignment shops lately, I suggest you do, you never know what great things you can find.

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