Friday, August 26, 2011

Falls Best Trends......

So I know it is still hot.... but, soon we will be falling upon the chilly months of sweaters (my favorite!) pants, boots and scarves.  I happen to love fall time the best.  I thought I would give you a little update to what to look for to stay on trend with this next season. 

1. SUITS - I am loving this trend!  So Katherine Hepburn ( if you don't know who that is than shame on you!)  Think pant suits in muted and classic colors.  Textures play a big part of this trend, my favorite?  Tweed!  Remember to pull off a head to toe tweed pantsuit you need to keep accessories clean and uncluttered.  Think classic and chic.

2.  Naturalist Prints -  outdoor inspired prints, such as the horse printed shirt dress above, and tribal prints are big for fall.  So hang on to those tribal prints tops, skirts and dresses from summer.  To make the style fresh and current play up the print with a mix of textures.  Think Cable Knit tights and/or a leather belt.

CHIC- Layered with a shirt, a silky dress is a smart daytime look, but can go straight to night with a slick clutch.

4. Mens Wear - This is a trend that falls near and dear to my heart.  Menswear makes a huge comeback.  Make it bold with a full black suit and tie or if you want to take the minimalist approach, add a mens tuxedo jacket over your skinnies for a night out on the town. 

GOTH - head to toe black is making a comeback in a big way.  Remember the 90's movie The Craft???  Lol, boy does that bring back memories.  This falls goth is more polished and clean.  Head to toe black in classic cuts such as a maxi skirt (huge for fall) black cardi, ankle boots and a cuff.  Keep the look polished by adding sleek hair and clean makeup to avoid looking too "halloween chic."

TOUGH - mixing soft and hard is what this trend is about.  Pair your classic checked button down with girlie details such as a slip dress with delicate accents and an over the knee stocking.. 

7. SWEATER -  There is nothing I love more than a comfy sweater.  Fall is all about over sized cozy cable knit sweaters.  Think cozy, like the sweater you would want to snuggle up in by the fireplace.  To keep it from looking frumpy.. remember to pair it with lush form fitting pieces such as a suede riding pant, slip dress or tailored short.

8. Animal Prints -  another trend that has made a comeback in full force is the animal print, but in an unexpected way.  Accessories such as a great animal printed handbag, pump, hat or scarf.  Punch up that monotone pant suit with a punch of print like the photo above.  The hat, scarf and gloves keep the suit fresh and young with some major eye candy appeal.

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