Friday, May 27, 2011

For the Love of clothes.... What I Wore

Well today I woke up feeling quite under the weather.  The Haylei bird had been sick on and off all week and I think this mama bird might have finally caught a bit of what she had.  As the day progressed on I found myself feeling a bit better..... (thank you tylenol!)  Anyhoo... the Haylei bird gets out of school early today and I am taking my three little birdies to get some frozen yogurt after I pick her up.  This weekend is gonna be quite busy for me!  Saturday I have to get new tires on my car, Sunday my father in law is coming up from Bakersfield to celebrate his birthday with us and Monday the daddy bird and I are hosting a BBQ for Memorial Day.  I had the Sumo bird snap a few shots of what I wore today.... I have found myself having to get creative with what I choose to wear lately since a lot of the mama birds clothes are now a bit big(not that I am complaining).  Here is what I am wearing:

Navy blue Cargo's from american eagle, pink halter top by Papaya ( scored from Mrs. Krysta!) and mossimo flip flops. 

Happy Friday!!!

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