Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Fashions for Mom's.......

So the one thing I hate the worst is what I and a close gal pal of mine call the "Mom" uniform.  Too many woman fall into a rut and sacrifice style in the name of "momhood."  Now it is usually one of two reasons as to why this happens.  The first is a lack of "time."  I will admit that once the kiddos come.... you pretty much sacrifice any you time to care for those little birdies.  The second is the common excuse of wanting to be "comfortable."  Now I am here to tell you that as a mama bird of three..... you can have style, and comfort without having to put in much time at all.  It's mostly about rethinking the way to group or pair clothing, and I will admit... this did not just come to me overnight.  I had to reteach myself how to dress after having kids.  Here are three great and easy looks for spring that you can do....  key pieces to these looks are actually things that you probably already have in your closet:

Rethinking shorts and a t-shirt..... instead of putting on a pair of running shorts and your husbands oversize tee, why not try a pair of jean or linen shorts with that old striped tee that was all the rage two seasons ago????  Make the style trendy and current by choosing shorts with unique or oversized pockets and add a skinny belt.  Although flip flops would totally work with this... why not pair it with a pair of leather gladiator sandles to keep it fresh?

Okay so Maxi dresses are still cute and so easy... I guarantee that every woman (and especially mom's) have atleast one in there closet.  Recycle the dress by wearing it with a flowy scarf or slub knit vest.  Accessories are what totally made the Maxi dresses look refreshed this spring on the runways.... flat sandles, chunky bracelets and even a cute hat can transform that trusty staple you have already grown to love into a fashion forward look that is easy to wear......

Lastly..... the sun dress.  Every few years these come back into style with full force.  If your anything like me... you have a few already hanging out in your closet from years past.  They are easy, comfy and effortless.  You can find affordable little sundresses just about anywhere right now... to keep it looking on point for this seasons trend.. try to look for prints that have a retro feel, think 60's mod or 70's boho, you can find this at most stores right now or you could be even more authentic and wear a vintage sundress(my personal preference)  Look no further than your local consignment shops to score a dress or two.  Muted and bold colors with both do, and a print is a must whether it be tribal (so big right now) floral or graphic.  Upcycle your old sundress with bold jewelry and a cute jeweled sandle.     

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