Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For the Love of clothes.... What I wore

The weather has been quite nice these past few days.... pretty warm and sunny although it has been rather windy. The baby bird's teeth have finally popped through so he is napping much better during the day (nighttime is a different story...). I mostly puttered around the house today cleaning and doing laundry. The house smells so heavenly right now, I am making pulled pork sandwiches for dinner tonight with home made french fries....Yum! I thought I would let my little girlie birds play photographer while the baby took his afternoon nap. Here is what I wore:

White Striped Boyfriend Cardigan from forever 21, Calvin Klein Trouser Shorts gifted to the mama from Mrs. Krysta, gray tissue tee also given to the mama by Mrs. Krysta, black leather skinny belt by Pierre Cardin and gray and black striped slip on shoes... honestly can't remember I have had them for about seven years.

Hope the rest of your Tuesday is lovely!!!!

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