Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today's Style Inspiration.....

So today's style was inspired by the ever so lovely Jean Seberg who most would be surprised to learn was actually an American actress although she was best known for her french films. I love how she was able to wear her short crop with masculine inspired clothing and still look feminine. I picked out this look above, mainly because of it's simplicity and effortless look it demonstrates. Here are some modern pieces that I put together that gave a nod to this iconic look.....

I pulled out one of my many plaid shirts from my closet.... remember when these were all the hype two falls ago??? Well reuse them!!!!

I pulled on a gray v neck sweater on top of the plaid shirt and pinned a flower brooch on the vest... just for a bit of flair

To balance out the layering on top I went with a dark wash skinny jean....

Then I finished off the look with a pair of black flats... which I have been favoring a lot lately.

plaid shirt from my closet
gray v neck sweater from gap
skinny jeans from gap
flower brooch from etsy
flats from target

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