Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIY Valentines Day.....

So I was saving this Valentines Day DIY project for two reasons... the first is because it is my absolute favorite and second because this is what I am giving my hubby for Valentines Day, so I didn't want to spoil the surprise by posting it too early. This is a great gift to do for your significant other for a cozy Valentines night in, which is right up my alley since it is not easy to find a sitter for three kiddos on a Monday night. This is so super simple to put together and is so fun!

The idea behind the project :

"For something simple, inexpensive yet still romantic, I would highly recommend the following concept: Instead of splurging on dinner at a fancy restaurant, have a cozy night in on the couch. A couch 'picnic' of sorts. Snuggle under a blanket, order take-out, indulge in champagne, popcorn and candy in front of your favorite romantic movie.

You can even eat on disposable picnic plates and cutlery so that neither of you have to wash any dishes afterwards!" - Amy Moss of EAT DRINK CHIC

To download printables and instructions click here.....

Don't have a popcorn container??? Download this one here just print cut and glue together!

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