Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY Christmas.....

So as I have already mentioned.. I am embracing Christmas with the less is more attitude. I have decided to home make and DIY most of our Christmas this year. Funny enough I find that more and more people that I talk to are doing the exact same thing. Of course this got me thinking... I want to help jump start and inspire you my darling readers if you are interested in also embracing this concept. I decided I would start sharing some of my awesome finds for gifts to make, bake and decorate! The first thing I thought I would share are these awesome printable reindeer gift tags. They were created by the talented Amy Moss and featured on her drool worthy blog, Eat Drink Chic. I love these because they look a little bit vintage, but also contemporary and modern at the same time. You could use these to tag gifts or baked goods. They come in two different sizes, simply click here and enjoy!

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