Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just a few little things....

Now since the weather is changing, I decided to clean out and go through my daughters closet to see exactly what I would need to buy for the up coming cold months. I picked up a few things for the girls over the weekend... I got them for a steal as well! Oh how I love sales! Here's what I got:

True Jackson ballet tutu dresses - regularly $14 each, I paid $6 each
Mossimo plaid button down - regularly $ 12.99, I paid $5.49
Mossimo skinny jeans- regularly- $16.99, I paid $7.00
Faded Glory leopard ballet flats - regularly $12.00, I paid $6.00
Mossimo purple and black stripe dress - regularly $14.99, I paid $7.49

I also picked up the cutest tights, boot socks, and knee socks. How about you? Where do you get great deals for your little ones?

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