Friday, August 13, 2010

Doing Vintage Minus the Dress....

I was asked an interesting question the other day. A friend of mine expressed her interest in vintage items, but hated wearing dresses. This got me thinking. Yes we are all use to maxi dresses and A line party dresses, but you can do vintage without doing a dress. I decided to post some examples of what I mean.

The first obvious choice is an A line skirt, hey it's not a dress. You can keep it interesting by choosing something with a kitschy or bold pattern.

The next is a nod to classic 70's fashion, the onesie or romper. This is great with a pair of platform wedges and a boho bag.

Plaid button down shirts are always great, think Winnie cooper from the wonder years. Pair it with straight leg dark wash jeans, or a long trouser cut short.

Lastly something as simple as this cardigan can give you your vintage nod without being overbearing. The key to this is the details like delicate lace or embroidery. Pair this with anything from shorts to skirts to pants or even over your favorite dress.

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