Friday, June 18, 2010


So I am just getting over being horribly sick, and I mean sick. I am still not back to myself. It came at such an inopportune time because I was making so much progress in getting things ready for my little pup. My husband painted the nursery the most perfect blue gray color. He put together the crib, changing table and glider chair. I found the perfect frames for the artwork I made for his nursery. I started getting all of his little things put away. Then it happened, I got hit instantly with the worst cold. This nasty, sore throat, mucus cough, non stop faucet dripping of a runny nose and even my ears were plugged up. Needless to say being preggos means you can only have, Tylenol and that is all! Like that even helps. Today I had my 35 week appointment and I lost almost 4 pounds in 2 weeks, so the doctor has put me on moderate rest and ordered me to gorge myself on proteins. Now for any of you who actually know me, you will realize that this is like torture to me, because I don't like sitting and I don't like stuffing my face. So my darling readers I am stuck trying to get over this cold and forcing myself to sit like a couch potato. So now I have to figure out things I can do while sitting, sitting, sitting. Any ideas?

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