Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Could it be?

Once in a while I come across other people and things that help to re insure me that I am not so much of the freak that I have come to feel as over the years. In an age today full of trends and fads it's nice to find others whom I feel a kind of connection with. I have gotten cross looks about my love of vintage clothing and furniture, my collection of eclectic t shirts, my box full of vintage vinyl albums and for my tiny obsession of making things that I don't necessarily have to make, example: dresses for my girls, customized baby onesies for this baby in utero, and making my own strawberry jam. Since I have been pregnant I can't help but feel that my interests and likes have made me seem even more of an outsider. I guess I am not trendy because I am not part of some preggo mommy yoga class, sipping a starbucks and dropping my kids off at some daycare so I can go and indulge myself in a spa. So today I have accidentally stumbled across my salvation.... when I saw this picture of the gorgeous 21 week preggo mommy, in her vintage candy strip sundress, picking up vinyls at the record store I was speechless. Better yet, she has the most wonderful blog full of all things music and vintage. Lastly as if it couldn't get any better, she also has the most awesome online vintage store full of clothes, home furnishings, etc. So go check out her blog here.

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