Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Doors- Live in New York ( 6 cd set)

I was happy to read that the doors have released a new 6 cd set of their live recordings from there last concert tour in 1970, at the felt forum, in New York. The cd set covers the 4 concerts they played there in it's entirety. I know, I know your probably saying "another doors live album?" Well the difference here is the doors return to their early style of performing, when they had to play 2 to four sets a night and had a small amount of material to play. They not only play the hits they are known for, but cover some of there favs, and they also play some unrealeased material. The set has been remasterd by the bands long time engineer Bruce Botnick, remember the Absolutly Live album? Same guy. So if you are a die hard doors fan like me, this is a must. You can score this collection for just over $70 bucks on their websight...

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